You will enjoy the time you spend working with her

For us buying a home was a really big decision and we wanted to be sure that we got it right. That is where Lara came in. To start she specialzes in the area where we really wanted to buy. We had been renting in East Cambridge for about two years and knew that we wanted to live here. We actually knew her as a neighbor from the dog park before we knew her as a realtor.

It was January and there was very little inventory when we started looking. I genuinely felt that Lara would have worked with us thru the spring and beyond to help us find the right home. Fortunately, we did not have to wait that long. One Sunday in early February, a place came on the market. Lara spotted it, emailed it to us and by Monday we had an appointment to see it at 7:45AM Thursday morning. Lara knows the Cambridge market and she knew the place would go fast.

Sure enough we loved the place it and that night we decided to make an offer. Lara met us the next day at coffee shop in Downtown Crossing in the middle of a snowstorm to draft the offer. By 10pm that night, the seller had accepted. All of this happened before the first open house and at that open house the seller had received 3 other offers. It is amazing to think how easily we could have missed out on our home and we credit Lara 100% with making sure that did not happen.

On top of all of that she is kind, funny, interesting person. You will enjoy the time you spend working with her while you are finding a great new home.

- Ellen & Matt Osbourne-Smith

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