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Cambridge Recycling News

Forwarded from the City of Cambridge…

In this issue:

  1. Opt Out of Junk Mail, Phonebooks and More! 

  2. Why No Electronics In My Recycling Bin?

  3. $125 A/C Swap – Offer Ends July 31st

  4. Recycling Goes “Real World” Style

Opt Out of Junk Mail, Phonebooks and More!

Great news: Cambridge has joined a national waste reduction movement allowing residents to opt out of receiving junk mail, phone books, catalogs, coupons and credit card offers. To get started, go to Key project partners include the Product Stewardship Institute, and Catalog Choice.  Help spread the word: forward this email or post the info on Facebook or Twitter.

Why No Electronics In My Recycling Toter?

Your blue recycling toter on wheels is for containers, paper and cardboard, ONLY. City trash trucks tell a separate pickup truck to take TVs/computers under 20”,  microwaves, stereos, box fans, and we’ll take the hard drive, keyboard, mouse, & a small printer/fax. For large TVs and appliances, you need a sticker to schedule City pickup, ($25, $20 for seniors). Bring small electronics and appliances to the Recycling Center during open hours, but no TVs/computer monitors. Also, check out Best Buy’s Recycling Program which takes nearly everything electronic, check their webpage for details.

$125 Toward a New A/C – Offer Ends July 31st

Swap your old AC for a new one and get a $125 voucher from the Cambridge Energy Alliance. Offer expires July 31st. Also, remember that recycling and buying recycled products saves energy! Supplying recycled materials to industry (collection, processing and transportation) typically uses less energy supplying virgin materials to industry (extraction, refinement, transportation and processing).  It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than making it from raw materials.  Making recycled plastic saves 70%, recycled steel 60%, recycled newspaper 40%, and recycled glass 40%.

Recycling Goes “Real World” Style

Enthusiasm for Your Curb is a new national video project that asks you to submit a video about what happens at your curb on trash and recycling collection day. Dare to Go Zero is a new reality TV series of 4 families in Austin, TX reducing waste while documenting it on camera… all for a chance to win a Sustainable Home Improvement Package worth more than $2,000. Watch all five episodes!

Missed recycling?  Please call DPW at 617-349-4800 no later than 1pm the day after collection.

Request for toters, brochures, stickers or posters?  Use our online form.

Ms. Randi Mail Director of Recycling Cambridge Dept of Public Works 147 Hampshire Street Cambridge, MA 02139

T  617.349.4866 F  617.349.4868

Take the 50% recycling pledge today at and get a free bumpersticker! Recycle More. Trash Less.


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