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Cambridge, Somerville Home Sales Up

The Greater Boston Real Estate Board just released data for the second quarter of the year and — no surprise to anyone who’s been out there househunting — it’s been a VERY busy quarter! Check out the following increases in numbers of properties sold compared to last year:

  1. Cambridge condos: 225 sold last quarter — up 15.4% over Q2 2009

  2. Cambridge single families: 35 sold last quarter — up 66.7% over 2009

  3. Somerville condos: 143 sold last quarter — up 70.2% over Q2 2009

  4. Somerville single families: 25 sold last quarter — up 56.3% over 2009

I suspect some or much of this is due to people getting an early start this year, thanks to the incentive of the federal homebuyer tax credits, and closing earlier than the typical summer sales. Will be interesting to see how Q3 pans out so we can more accurately gauge the spring/summer market overall. In any case, I’m happy to share the full report if you’re interested in checking it out for yourself — just get in touch!


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