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Cambridgeville's 2014 Residential Sales Price Gamut

With the highest-priced residential sale being more than 58x the lowest, the range of property prices in Cambridge & Somerville is pretty big.

Cambridge & Somerville housing prices

Granted, we’re comparing a tiny condo in Somerville with an 11-unit building in Cambridge. (In case you’re curious, the highest sale price for a Somerville condo in 2014 was $1,395,000 for 82 Dover Street, Unit 2 near Davis. It’s a 3 bed, 2.5 bath with 2464 SF of living space and two garage parking spots — more condo-specific data will be posted in the coming days…)

And lest I give you false hope about scoring a Somerville condo at the $130k price, I should point out that there were only four condos sold in the whole city all year for under $200k — and the largest of the bunch was just 416 SF, so keep that in mind. And it probably goes without saying that Cambridge had NOTHING for sale under $200k last year — and may never again.


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