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Envision Cambridge newspaper — fun facts and good community info

Envision Cambridge

I get a TON of newsletters, community emails, etc. coming through my inbox daily, and the other day, I got this little gem — the Envision Cambridge Newspaper. While it’s main purpose is to spread the word about Cambridge’s community planning process, I found myself getting caught up in all the fun facts about this great city.

Did you know…?

  1. There are 4966 private businesses in Cambridge

  2. 42% of City land is residential and a whopping 20% is open space — how cool is that?

  3. 29.7% of City residents are enrolled full- or part-time in college / grad school (no surprise here)

  4. There are 140 languages spoken in Cambridge / 32% of our residents speak a language other than English at home — we a truly an international city!

  5. The predominant occupation of residents (20%) is computer engineering or science (which makes sense, since we’re home to over 300 life science and tech companies)

And here’s what people say they love most about *our fair city*

What I love about Cambridge


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