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Information How & When You Need It

When I heard on the news last weekend about the boiled water order for Greater Boston, I just assumed that we would be affected here in Cambridge. Much to my surprise, the city has an entirely separate water supply — I knew about the Fresh Pond Reservoir, of course, but had never really thought about the fact that the whole actual system was different. In any case, it took a bit of Internet research to confirm that the water here was/is safe to drink, which reminded me that I really should sign up for the city’s email/text alert system…

Here’s how it works: go to the E-line page of Cambridge’s city website and enter your email address (or phone number for texts) then select the alerts you would like to receive. It’s an a la carte type of system where you can pick and choose from urgent alerts about emergencies, street cleaning, and road construction updates, in addition to less time-sensitive information such as newsletters, departmental updates and event calendars. I’ve just signed up myself, so can’t personally vouch for how it works, but I have faith!

And if you live in Somerville, you’ve got a similar emergency notification system, called Connect-CTY, which is used in conjunction with the much-publicized 311 information line. If you’re not already signed up for Somerville alerts, you can do so via the Communications area of its website.


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