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Occupy Your Mailbox! (Okay, I'm Sick of the Whole "Occupy" Thing Too…)

My resolution for 2012 is to purge. Not as in “binge and…” — but as in eliminating the physical and mental clutter from my life. So my goal is to get rid of at least one thing every day — whether that means dumping an old stack of magazines in the recycling bin, donating an unloved coat to Goodwill, passing the novel I just read along to a friend, or simply deleting the stored phone numbers in my Blackberry for people I no longer call.

This process is amazingly fun (yes, I am easily amused!), and has the added benefit of making me think twice about collecting new stuff. And granted, it’s still January, but I have no fear of running out of items to part with, since new stuff seems to accumulate every day. But one thing I’m doing to stem the tide of *things incoming* is to reclaim my mailbox as a receptacle for things I actually want to receive.  This has involved a lot of phone calls to catalogs and my various credit cards and accounts, and most importantly, a little visit to the Direct Marketing Association’s “DMA Choice” site, which makes it surprisingly easy to opt out of catalogs, credit card offers and those WAY premature AARP mailings — I thought I’d share a link to the site for those of you who may want to join me in my purge 🙂


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