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Property of the Week: "Quiet Listing" in Davis Square

In real estate, a “quiet listing” is one which, for one reason or another, the seller does not want advertised to the world at large. This generally means no yard signs and no posting on MLS or the Internet. It’s done for a variety of reaons — sometimes for privacy, sometimes to avoid the heavy traffic of a lot of showings, or sometimes — as in this case — it’s just a matter of the listing not quiet being ready to go to market, but it will eventually be publicized.

And the reason I explained all that is because I just saw a great new “quiet listing” that a colleague of mine has — it’s a Davis Square condo — 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, ~1200 SF, Philly-style layout on first and second floors, a private garden and 2 parking spaces. What makes it so great is all the amazing period detail: wainscoting, stained glass, built-in china closet — I could go on, but it still wouldn’t capture the effect.

The price hasn’t been finalized, but I believe it will be around $489 or so. I do have pictures and lots more detail, which I’d be happy to send to anyone interested. And this property CAN be shown, so if you want to check it out, just let me know!


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