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Save $$$ on Your Energy Bills This Winter!

No one looks forward to the higher energy bills we New Englanders face every winter. But there is a way to bring those costs down:

The Cambridge Energy Alliance can help you save money while adding value and comfort to your home with their *FREE* energy efficiency audit.  An audit will provide you with a list of recommendations to improve your home’s energy efficiency. And the nice folks at CEA will also help you check off the items on that list while they’re there with…

  1. FREE! programmable thermostats

  2. FREE! air sealing to eliminate drafts

  3. FREE! water saving devices to cut your water bill and save on hot water heating

  4. FREE! energy efficient light bulbs

I actually just scheduled an audit at my own condo so that I can qualify for 75% off the cost of adding insulation (after some cute little squirrels pulled a bunch out from under my floor!) Having an audit may also qualify you for a 0% loan to make energy improvements, to your home — even things like going solar! It’s a no brainer…


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