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Strategies to Succeed In A Seller’s Real Estate Market: A Roundtable Discussion

Real estate attorney and blogger extraordinaire Rich Vetstein recently invited me to participate in a “round table” discussion for The Massachusetts Real Estate Law Blog — following is an excerpt. There’s a link at the end to click over to the full article…

Put Your Best Offer Forward & Get Pre-Approved Beforehand, Say Local Experts

Well, it’s official now. With buyers back in droves, an abnormally low inventory of good properties, and bidding wars popping up all over the place, the Greater Boston real estate market has now made full circle into a seller’s market. As the Boston Globe recently wrote, we are “desperately seeking sellers.”

For prospective buyers in a seller’s market, the strategies to succeed and find your dream home are very different from just a year or two ago. To help you navigate these unfamiliar waters, I’ve asked Cambridge-Somerville Realtor, Lara Gordon of Coldwell Banker, and Brian Cavanaugh, Senior Mortgage Banker at RMS Mortgage, to join me in this “round-table” discussion about how buyers can succeed in a seller’s market…


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