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The principles of home staging (2 of 5)

Last week I posted the first of this five-part “mini-series” of home staging, focusing on clearly defining the rooms and spaces. This week, I want to talk about the next universal principle…

Staging principle #2 – Scale down and scale back

When my clients A & J lived here, this cute eat-in kitchen in a small Somerville condo had felt very cramped and difficult to navigate, with a long, six-seat dining table and high-backed dark wood chairs. Since we listed their home after they moved out, we were able to have the whole thing professionally staged and use furniture better suited to the space. The stagers chose a small round glass table with simple white chairs, which immediately opened up the space and allowed for easier access to the laundry closet and back stairway (not shown here).


My client RS fell in love with this adorable Cambridge cottage the minute we walked in the door — it was empty at the time and had a great airy feel. After moving all her furniture and artwork in, the home took on a more cozy and lived in feel, and she loved it that way — it was her cocoon. However, when it was time to sell, we both agreed that it was going to feel a bit claustrophic when filled with people at the open houses if we didn’t clear some of the furniture out. So, away went the piano in the living room, the buffet table in the dining room, and the extra two chairs around the table. Ah, breathing room!


Next week, I’ll be talking about the importance of lightening and brightening…


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