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Home Buyer FAQs

What is your process for working with buyers?

While some agents take a hands-off approach with their clients, when you hire me, we will be working closely together throughout the process. Although you will likely be also be visiting open houses on your own, we will be in regular communication regarding properties of interest, developments in the market, and whatever questions you have along the way. And when you find a place you love, I will be there with you every step of the way to closing and beyond!


How long does it typically take for buyers to find a home in this market?

This varies a lot of course, with some buyers literally buying the first house they visit and others taking over a year to even submit an offer. However, the majority of my buyer clients have an accepted offer within three months. (Typically, the first or second offer we submit.)


Do you use a buyer agreement?

Yes! Once we've had an initial call or meeting and determined that we are a good fit, we will formalize our working relationship via a written buyer agreement. This document outlines our mutual responsibilities, provides your consent to Designated Agency, and establishes my fee (2.5%) and terms for compensation.

How do you get paid?

Historically, buyer agent fees have been paid out of sellers’ listing commission, and it is expected that in the near term, this will continue to be the most common model. However, the industry is in flux, and there may be cases going forward where a seller does not provide for a buyer agent commission, or what they offer does not cover the full fee. In these cases, buyer agent fees may be written into an offer or you, as the buyer, may pay the fee directly.

Aside from the cost of my new home, what expenses should I expect?

Most of your expenses (appraisal, financing costs, attorney fees, etc.) will be rolled into your closing costs, due the day you close on your new home. Prior to that, you will be paying a couple deposits—one with your offer (typically between $1,000 and $10,000) and one at the P&S signing (5 - 10% of purchase price). Additionally, if you have a home inspection, you will pay the inspector on site. Cost varies depending on the size of the home and the particular inspector, but is usually in the range of $500 to $1000. As stated above, you may also be paying a buyer agent fee if it is not covered by the seller.


How do I know I'm choosing the right agent?

The success of my business is built on repeat clients and referrals from my client base, and it is my top priority to ensure that every current client transaction turns into a lifelong relationship. Acting in your best interest is in MY best interest!

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