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Listing Strategies


In order to sell your home for the highest price and at the best terms, my goal is to maximize buyer traffic in the critical first weeks. This starts with determining the current market value of your home and advising you on a price that will create a perception of value and a sense of urgency to act. We want buyers to be thinking, “What will it take to get this property?”


Every home is unique and part of effectively marketing and selling your property is to first establish what makes it special and then make sure we tell the story in a way that will bring in the buyers. From professional photography and floor plans, to a carefully crafted description for MLS, our goal is to showcase your property’s best features.


In order to expose your home to the widest possible audience and ultimately uncover the right buyer, I will utilize all of the tools at my disposal, including personal agent outreach,

e-mail marketing campaigns, internet distribution, social media, open houses and accompanied private showings.


Throughout the marketing and selling of your property, I will be in regular communication with you about the activities I’m undertaking and the feedback I’m receiving from buyers and agents, as well as keeping you apprised of key milestones during the process. I pay close attention to detail, and utilize a variety of technologies to facilitate the entire transaction through to closing.

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