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2014 Cambridgeville Real Estate Recap

I’ve been knee-deep in numbers the last few days, as I slice-and-dice data from 2014, building charts and looking at trends.  You may recall that last year I did a big year-end infographic for this, but I’ve decided this year I will dole out the data in more digestible tid-bits, so here’s the first:

Cambridge & Somerville 2014 Home Sales by Type

The REALLY interesting thing about these numbers — to me, at least — is how closely they align with last year’s — especially for Somerville, where the numbers are this close:

  1. condos sold in 2014 — 472 / in 2013 — 473

  2. singles sold in 2014 — 85 / in 2013 — 89

  3. multis sold in 2014 — 149 / in 2013 — 148

Crazy, right?

Stay tuned for the sale price gamut coming tomorrow…

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