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Advisory Committee United in Vision for Central Square

I’m liking the general direction the Central Square Advisory Committee recommends for the neighborhood:

  1. More housing (sooooo needed), with an emphasis on middle-income homes

  2. More density — yes, this requires allowing taller buildings, which I don’t love, but allows for the additional housing and hopefully more affordable commercial rents, and…

  3. More ground-floor retail, with a mix of different sized spaces, allowing for more small businesses (because if another bank goes in, I think I will cry)

  4. Less street-level parking — not so psyched that they want to remove the public lots on Bishop Allen, which I use frequently, but if it means a “higher and better” use of that land, I guess I can live with it. Obviously, they will need to compensate with additional parking in other places — sounds like they may expand the Green Street Garage.

  5. More open space & a new public-gathering space

Read the full article here:


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