Best Write Up of Cambridge in Years!

I’m not generally an Improper Bostonian reader, so am very happy my boyfriend brought to my attention the Feb 16, “Cambridge Issue.” I don’t know if the writers or editors live here, but if not, I’m doubly impressed by their knowledge of some of the off-the-beaten-path places around town. The article, “Hidden Cambridge” hits the nail on the head with some of the best local bars, cafes and shops outside of the main T-stop squares, including my friend Carl’s New Deal Fish Market in East Cambridge, Coast Cafe in Cambridgeport where I go when I need my soul food fix, and Lord Hobo (the former B-Side Lounge) in my very own Area IV.

Even better… there’s a fun little feature “Cambridge, Then and Now” that charts out changes since the 80s in things like “coffee spot,” “iconic structure,” and most importantly: “hip square,” which went from Harvard in the 80s, to Central in the 90s, to Inman in the 2000s, to the 2010s pick… drumroll please… AREA IV!!! I know I’m biased, but am just so happy my little ‘hood is finally getting the recognition it deserves 🙂

Hidden Cambridge – Features | Improper Bostonian.

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