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Ch ch ch changes… Q&A on my move to Gibson Sotheby's

(Ah Bowie, you will be missed…)

My new office!

I am a big believer in change — whether it’s changing where I live, what I do, how I think about things… it’s part of life and it keeps things interesting. So it should come as no surprise to those who know me, that after six great years with Coldwell Banker, I decided to move my business to Gibson Sotheby’s Cambridge office. And because I have already gotten questions from friends, clients and my real estate peers, I put together this little Q&A:

Q:  Why did you change brokerages?

A:  I had been keeping an eye on Gibson’s Cambridge office since it opened about a year ago — the Sotheby’s brand is great, obviously, with a reputation for top-notch service, professionalism and integrity — and as I saw the caliber of agents moving over to their Cambridge office, I knew something great was happening.

After a series of conversations with management and agents I know who had gone there, I was convinced it would be a great move for me. It’s also really exciting to have the opportunity to contribute to building what I am sure will be a major powerhouse in Cambridge’s real estate market.

Q:  Where is your new office?

A:  My new office is at 1008 Mass Ave — just outside of Harvard Square going toward Central. Easy to get to by train or car and meter parking is generally pretty good here, so come visit!

Q:  What does this mean for me as your client?

A:  In terms of the day-to-day, you likely won’t notice much of a change — I’m still covering the same markets, at all price points, and my style of doing business and working with clients will remain the same.

What you may not see, but will benefit from, is that as part of the Sotheby’s International Realty network, I now have access to amazing resources for marketing and referrals to/from around the world. Also, because I firmly believe that my relationships with other local agents are key in promoting my listings, getting insight into new properties coming on the market, and helping deals go smoothly, having a new group of colleagues will help me expand and strengthen my ties within the agent community.

Q:  Isn’t Sotheby’s only for high-end properties?

A:  No! While the Sotheby’s brand may be best known for its luxury listings and mega-buck auctions, rest assured that Gibson Sotheby’s caters to all price points — the graph below illustrates the price points of the brokerage’s past 12 months’ listings and sales:

Gibson Sotheby's Listings & Sales, 12-Months

Q:  What about “cambridgeville?”

A:  Cambridgeville — my blog and brand — has been a huge part of my success and is not going anywhere. And I’ll take this opportunity to say thanks so much for your support and readership over the years — I really enjoy writing for the blog and it’s always great to hear that people enjoy reading it 🙂

Any other questions, please let me know and I’ll add them to my list.


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