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Email Made Beautiful… Born in Cambridge!

Soooo many great technologies come out of our city that it’s hard to keep up. But today, I am very happy to share an amazing new email app for iPad created by my awesome boyfriend, Jim Caralis, and his co-founders at Cannonball.

If you’ve got an iPad and a Gmail account, Cannonball will give your inbox a makeover that is both visually appealing and also more manageable — it basically pulls all of your subscription-based messages (newsletters, daily deals, etc.) into an image-based sidebar on the right, freeing up the left-hand side of the screen for your more important mail, like this:

The column sorting is automatic, but also customizable, so you get to choose where your messages land. And a really great feature is that all those “fluffy” messages on the right arrive already marked as read, so you’re not overwhelmed with a bazillion unread messages.

There are all kinds of other great features that you’ll discover once you start using Cannonall, which I highly recommend, and so do lots of others — it’s getting 5-star reviews in the app store and by the media — check out Mashable and TechCrunch coverage, for example.

Sold? If so, download Cannonball eMail for iPad (and please write a great review!)


Congratulations to the whole Cannonball team — Jim Caralis, Raffaele Colella, Thibault Le Conte, Andrew Lai & Amy Wicks!


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