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How to help & how to get help in the time of coronavirus

One of the things I truly love about my job is being a part of, and a resource for, our community. We are all truly lucky to live among neighbors who care about each other and are happy to step in to help when crises arise. So whether you need help or are currently in a position where you can help, here are a few resources...

If you want to help...

Mutual aid groups are popping up all over, as community-based matchmaking sites between those who need help and those who can provide it. If you want to help, you will fill out a google doc specifying whether you can give money, offer delivery services of food or other urgent needs to the elderly or those in quarantine, or even allow folks to tap into your Netflix account. They are also looking for neighborhood point people to start hyper-local phone trees or text messaging groups. Here are links to some of our local groups

Also, blood donations are badly needed right now. If you want to donate, you can make an appointment with either Children’s Hospital or the Red Cross:

Other ways you can help:

  • Order takeout from your favorite local restaurants

  • Buy gift cards from restaurants and shops and other small businesses which badly need the income during the shutdown

  • Check in on your neighbors by phone or text -- especially the elderly

  • Call you mom! She is probably worried about you :)

  • And most importantly, please stay home as much as you can, so that we can all get out of this situation sooner!

If you need help... has a great list of resources for our area, including everything from food assistance, to temporary housing and/or storage, to free Internet for households with kids home from school who need to access online learning. It's a pretty extensive list, so definitely start there.

If you have a small business, you can find emergency resources, including tax relief and loans here


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