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Is a Non-Toxic Home Possible?

When I bought my own condo last year, I decided that it would be a toxin-free zone. That’s right: no bug spray, no toxic cleaning products, no cancer-causing chemicals of any sort. I’m very committed to this ideal, but it’s hard to practice in reality. I’ve managed to do without bleach, Raid and Soft Scrub (though my white porcelain kitchen sink is less-than-sparkling), but am having a tough time with my toiletries and cosmetics.

Alas, I haven’t found an organic shampoo that is an acceptable substitute for my carcinogen-laden favorite brand. But one product at a time, I’m researching, experimenting, and ultimately moving to healthier alternatives. I hope to return to this topic from time to time, as I find viable substitutes for toxic products, but for now, I’ll just provide a little inspiration — in case you need it — for you to join me in the quest for a toxin-free home.

The Story of Cosmetics — great simple video that gives you the “why”

Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database — incredible resource to help you with the “how” by revealing toxic ingredients in cosmetics and toiletries and ranking them according to their safety/toxicity


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