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MassDOT Decides NOT to Pursue Commuter Rail on Grand Junction Tracks

At a public meeting last week, MassDOT announced its sensible decision NOT to run a new line of the Worcester commuter rail on the Grand Junction tracks through Cambridge. This is great news for those living along the Grand Junction tracks, which are currently used only by a daily fruit train and as a “deadhead” for getting Amtrak and T trains off the main tracks and out of the way. Also GREAT news for anyone who walks, rides or drives around the city, as these tracks have six above-grade crossings — with 6 – 12 commuter rail trains running on these lines, traffic would’ve been a major issue.

Thankfully, a feasibility study showed that the needs of Worcester commuters could just as easily be served by adding additional trains to the existing commuter rail line, with an expansion of South Station to accommodate them. This is the route the DOT will be taking. For more detail, check out the presentation online.

Now if only the DOT would get its act together on the Green Line Extension through Somerville — a project people DO want!


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