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Property of the Week: dasHaus in Cambridge

Sorry, this one’s not for sale, but it’s great for inspiration!

DasHaus is a traveling exhibit, sponsored by the German American Chamber of Commerce, about innovations in sustainable home construction and energy efficiency. The pavilion is currently here in Cambridge, at 219 Vassar Street on the MIT campus — I stopped by on Saturday to check it out. Here are a couple things I found very cool:

Solar panels built into a wall of wooden louvers — new technology in ultra-thin panels allow for solar to be incorporated into a home’s design, not just tacked on as an afterthought.

Super airtight door frame — as someone whose windows let in not only breezes, but snow (!!) in the winter, I can really appreciate the stepped design of this door and frame, which I can’t imagine anything getting through!

Built-in curtain tracks — this feature isn’t really about sustainability, but it makes a lot of sense and looks very clean — reminds me of a modern version of the picture rails of the past.

If you’d like to check out dasHaus yourself, you’d better hurry — it’s only here through June 27!


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