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Third Time's a Charm: Homebuying Workshop Now on March 2

Yes, just like all the schools that have had to keep calling snow days, my colleagues and I have had to postpone the “11 Realities of Homebuying in 2011” workshop twice already. We figured if we moved the date to March, we might fare better with the weather, so have now slated the event for Wednesday, March 2. Same time: 6:30 – 8 pm, same place: Coldwell Banker office at 1730 Mass Ave, Cambridge.

We’ll be providing great information for your home search, so we’re confident it’ll be worth the wait. Here’s a teaser…

Reality #9: In a competitive bid situation, the winner is not necessarily the highest bidder.

To find out what elements besides price factor into your offer (which will give you an inside track on securing the home of your dreams), register by emailing


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