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Why You Love Somerville

The Somerville Beat — my favorite source for all-things-Somerville — recently asked readers to give their reasons for loving Somerville. Answers included Fluff Fest (as one reader pointed out, “…we’ll throw a festival for pretty much anything. We love to celebrate!”), the Somerville Theater, Olde Magoun’s Saloon, local brews Pretty Things and Slumbrew and residents’ involvement in the community. Here’s a sampling:

“On a cold winter morning when I bundle up and bike to the Armory for the farmer’s market, listen to a bluegrass band or perhaps a brass band that covers pop songs. I run into 6 people I know, buy a cider doughnut and try some Taza chocolate, and learn about the Somerville events coming up over the next month.” — Shoshana

“There are so many hidden green spaces that are tucked away–small parks, gardens. It’s always nice to stumble upon one. And Union Square has so many different food options within a block! Mexican, Italian, tapas, Peruvian … Best little neighborhood. I went to the Farmer’s Market the other weekend and was introduced to Relish by way of a little sign. It was awesome.” — Katie

“Most of all, I love being a citizen here in Somerville. I’ve come to truly embrace what that word means–being an active, engaged participant in the decision-making about my community–through living here, and I am thankful for many wonderful public officials and civil servants who facilitate and welcome my participation. I don’t always agree with them or with my fellow citizens about what should be done in the city, but I always feel that there is room for input and lively debate, and I feel honored to contribute to shaping the future of this wonderful place.” — Brandy


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