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Why You Should Buy a Pie

So, it’s almost Thanksgiving time again, and as easy as it is to get caught up in planning time off, travel, and dinner menus, I always try to devote some time to being mindfully grateful of all the wonderful things in my life — from the small daily pleasures of a morning run at Fresh Pond or chatting with friendly neighbors at the dog park, to the more monumental blessings in my life like my loving family, amazing friends, both old and new, and of course my good health, which I am so fortunate to have, when so many others don’t.

And since there are so many people out there living with life-threatening illnesses, often without the financial resources or network of family and friends to care for them, I feel like the least I can do, in recognition of all I have, is to spend a little time and money to help make their lives easier in their time of need. This is why I support Community Servings and its annual Pie in the Sky fundraiser, and why you should too…

What It Is

Pie in the Sky is Community Servings’ annual Thanksgiving “bake sale” that helps fund its meals and nutrition programs that deliver healthy, culturally- and medically-specific meals to over 1,300 clients around Massachusetts who are battling cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS, Lupus and other acute, life-threatening illnesses.

How It Works

Over 150 of Greater Boston’s best chefs, restaurants, caterers and hotels donate their time & resources to bake up thousands of yummy pies.

A network of ~ 600 pie sellers volunteer their time to market and sell pies to their family, friends, colleagues, clients and neighbors.

Thousands of individuals order our $25 pies (apple, pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato & sugar-free apple) in advance of the holidays, and pick them up on the day before Thanksgiving from one of more than 80 pick-up locations around Greater Boston.

Each $25 pie sold provides a full week’s worth of healthy, delicious meals to a person too ill to shop an cook for themselves.

How You Can Help

Want to be a part of this amazing endeavor? Buy a pie today!

Not going to be around for Thanksgiving? Buy a pie for a Community Servings client, or just donate money to the cause!


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