New Cambrideville Appreciation / Depreciation Charts

We all know home prices have been on the rise, and these charts will show you by how much year-over-year. Now, granted, these are averages, so not as granular as I like to get with my data, and frankly, don’t give an accurate picture of how much prices have actually increased in the past couple of years, but…

The piece that I think is very useful (and comforting) is that even in years when the average prices have gone down, the dips were generally in the single-digits. Historically, the Cambridge / Somerville real estate market has been strong, and our homes have held their value, even during the recent national housing crisis.

Download the Cambridge Real Estate Appreciation / Depreciation 2013 chart here.

Download the Somerville Real Estate Appreciation / Depreciation 2013 chart here.

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