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Planning a Move this Winter?

Moving is never *fun* but moving during New England’s bitter winter months can be downright miserable. Alas, sometimes it can’t be avoided. If this is your situation, the following tips from Big Foot Moving & Storage in Arlington may help ease the anxiety of the day:

Be Prepared

  1. Make sure that all access areas including parking spaces, walkways, driveways and stairs are cleared of leaves, snow, ice and debris.

  2. Salt any slick areas.

  3. Assemble and set aside a “survival” kit with bottled water, a first aid kit, flashlight, dried or canned foods, phone chargers, radio, prescriptions, etc.

Keep Warm

  1. Remember that during your move, the doors at both your old and new homes will be kept open, so you’ll want some extra warm clothing on hand (sweaters, gloves, hats, boots and socks).

  2. Fill a large thermos or two with hot soup, tea or coffee and keep it handy for your family and the movers.

  3. Make sure all necessary services are up and running at your new home prior to moving day. There are many things to deal with during the move—fixing the furnace should not be one of them!

  4. Hang curtains and drapery in your new home as soon as possible. Not only do they retain the heat, but they’re also a simple and effective security aid.

Drive Safely

  1. Check the local forecast for possible inclement weather.

  2. Check your vehicle’s fluid levels, wiper blades and tire pressure.

  3. Charge your GPS.

  4. Make sure you have an ice scraper, snow brush and shovel in the car.

More great planning and packing tips are available on the Big Foot website — and if you need help with your move, they’ll definitely take good care of you — in fact, they just won the 2010 Best of Arlington Peoples Choice Award!


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