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Property of the Week: The One that DIDN'T Get Away… a Great Opportunity

Here’s an example of that oh-so-rare Cambridge listing that didn’t go under agreement its first week on the market. Why, you might ask? Well, here’s something I’ve noticed a few times lately — and buyers, pay attention, because it presents a great opportunity…

In any given week, let’s say three properties comes on in the market at a given price point with a given set of specs. And let’s say there’s a pool of 50 potential buyers for these properties. Some may be just starting out and/or not ready to make a move, but maybe 20 are ready to go and will be submitting offers on SOMETHING this week. Well, if there are three options to choose from, sometimes it happens that 17 of those buyers all put offers on the same one. And maybe three put offers on a second one. And the third place? It gets nothing! The crazier thing is it may well have gotten all 20 of those offers if it had just come on the market the week before when it didn’t have the other two to compete with.

Buyers! NOTA BENE: There is a great little window of opportunity to snag a home without competing with other offers if you look to see what is still available from last week on a Wednesday or Thursday, after the typical Monday/Tuesday offer deadlines. And this is the time to make your move — BEFORE the second round of weekend open houses and showings, when it just might get snapped up…

46 Inman Street, Unit 1, Cambridge — 2 BR, 2.5 ba, 2010 SF condo with garage pkg — listed at $1,250,000

46 Inman Street, Unit 1, Cambridge

46 Inman Street, Unit 1, Cambridge

46 Inman Street, Unit 1, Cambridge

Listed by Jennifer Keenan of ePlace.


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