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Shop Local for the Holidays

Rather than dragging yourself to a giant mall and having to park miles away from the entrance, in a spot that you’ll surely never be able to find again, why not hop on the T and head to one of our lovely squares to do your holiday shopping. You’ll be supporting local businesses and keeping your money in YOUR community. Plus, isn’t it more fun to stroll down the sidewalk in the crisp winter air, stopping in at a local cafe for a hot chocolate or cappuccino, rather than having to struggle just to navigate the crowded aisles of the mega malls? Not to mention that you can generally find more interesting gifts at local boutiques than you can in big chain stores. For more info on our great independent businesses, visit the websites of Cambridge Local First and Somerville Local First (and don’t miss Somerville’s great video — I’m telling you, I don’t know of any other city whose mayor would do this!)


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