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Somerville in the news — local, national, international — this city is covered!

Bloc 11, Somerville, MA

In the past year I have found myself sharing post after post on Facebook about our little ‘Ville. And when I get investors from outside the area asking questions about the city, I point them to the many recent news articles about it. Figured I’d make my life easier by putting together a little compilation of some of the great press Somerville has recently received in 2014 — this is by no means inclusive. Enjoy!

Next City 11.3.2014 — The City Where Real Estate Developers and Housing Activists Agree to Agree: In a small city outside Boston, a new model for equitable development is being tested

WBRUR’s Radio Boston 10.31.2014 — 10 Ways Your Neighborhood Can Become The Next Somerville

The Boston Globe 10.17.2014 — Boston-area communities vie to be the next Somerville

The New York Times 10.2.2014 — Out of the Shadow of Boston and Cambridge 9.2.2014 — MBTA’s 1st Rapid-Transit Station in 27 Years Opens

The Boston Globe 7.1.2014 — Boston needs ideas — from Somerville

The Boston Globe 1.18.2014 — Somerville — the little city that could

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