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The real estate angle on all this winter's snow / Media coverage

Cambridge Open House

In a strange confluence of events, I ended up getting a lot of interview requests by various media outlets in the past couple weeks, all looking for real estate agents’ perspectives on *Snowmageddon* and how it is impacting the market. Wanna know my answer and others? Here’s some of the coverage:


Morning Edition: Mass. housing market springs out of hibernation, by Curt Nickisch

You know who’s stoked for spring? Realtors.

Record snowfall last month not only covered roofs and yards, it also froze something else: the preparations of people trying to get their homes ready for the spring housing market. [Read or listen to more…]

Inman Select

Record snow and the real estate market in Boston

Matt Murphy with Boston Visual Imaging shares about Boston’s post-snow real estate market, told by local agents. [Watch the video…]

Boston Globe

In a nightmare winter, no dream houses, by Dierdre Fernandes

The record snowfall has claimed another victim: the boundlessly optimistic real estate agent.

Early March is usually a hectic period for the state’s realtors, as they field calls from homeowners eager to sell and they walk potential buyers through remodeled kitchens, rolling backyards, and marble-tiled bathrooms. [Read more…]

Massachusetts Real Estate Law Blog

Dam you winter, bring on the spring market! by Rich Vetstein

We are less than a week away from March, which usually signals the beginning of the frenzied spring real estate market in Massachusetts. However, unless you’ve been hibernating with the bears up in Maine, there’s a slight problem. We have snow. Lots. Of. Darn. Snow. [Read more…]


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