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Welcome to the team, Sybil!

Am sooooo happy to introduce Sybil Geddes, my new team member. Sybil was already an agent with Gibson Sotheby’s when I joined in January, and I quickly realized that she would be an amazing asset for my business and invited her to join my team. In the few weeks we’ve been working together, she has already provided so much value to my clients and me that I can’t imagine managing the spring market without her.

If you’re a client, you’ll definitely meet Sybil soon and when you do, you’re in for a treat — she is not only smart and supremely capable, but also funny and interesting, with a background that includes a 15-year ballet career, an expat stint in Singapore, a Harvard education and a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of Internet memes — ask her to demo Whole Foods Parking Lot!

Sybil Geddes


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