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The principles of home staging (5 of 5)

Well, we’ve finally reached the end of the series, and so here we go… the last step in getting your home ready to sell is…

Staging principle #5 — Clean!

This is the one part of staging I think everyone understands. And when I say clean, I mean, sweep, vacuum & scrub the floors, dust surfaces, baseboards, etc., wash windows inside and out, and make sure the kitchen and bath sparkle. Check out the crystal clear windows and shiny floors on this empty condo I listed a few years ago in Somerville:


Believe it or not, the following two pictures were both taken in homes where my clients were still living AND both sets of clients had small children. Obviously they did some hardcore decluttering, but also just notice how clean these rooms look.



As I mentioned above, bathrooms, along with kitchens, should be especially clean, like this example here — not a fingerprint in sight!


One final note… outdoor spaces should also be clean. This amazing porch at a great Somerville condo has amazing skyline views of Boston, and is huge by urban condo standards, so we considered it a major selling feature. As such, we made sure it was swept, pesky spider webs were cleared out, cushions were beaten to clear the dust and the surfaces of all the furniture were wiped down — just look how beautiful the results are!


Hope this series of posts was helpful! If you missed my previous ones, here are the links:

Happy staging!


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